Lettering + Paper + Workshops

I'm Viv Jordan and I'm a hand lettering artist and stationery designer based out of Dallas. I do lettering work ranging from live lettering events to custom pieces to weddings to signs for restaurants and businesses. I also own and design a small stationery line called Road Trip Paper that I sell at craft fairs, online, pop ups (Madewell and West Elm for example) and at the coolest store in Dallas called We Are 1976. Some of my favorite works around town include the chalkboard inside Oddfellows chalkboard (Bishop Arts) and the outdoor menu for Motor Sister's Creamery located outside of The Truck Yard (Lower Greenville).

I absolutely love my job, but getting to host and teach workshops is probably one of my favorite parts of what I do. Don't mind me while I act like an excited school girl at any workshop you might attend, I'm genuinely grateful for every opportunity I receive to teach (and hang out!) with others in a creative setting.  I am honored to have hosted a few sold out workshops in Dallas, Austin, Fayetteville, Oregon and Kansas City and look forward hosting more in the future! 


I am grateful to be a mama to two awesome kids and married to my bestie Jon Jordan. My husband and I function in two totally different worlds: I’m in the colorful creative world and he resides in the theological academic world. Somehow we’re both huge goofballs who love to laugh, snuggle, explore Dallas and obsess over our kids, good coffee and doughnuts. He supports all my crazy late night creative endeavors and I support his scholarly pursuits and by God’s grace we make a great team. I’m so thankful for him.


My realms of supposed expertise are lettering and stationery, but what makes my job my passion is the people I get to work with. Shoot me an e-mail at hello@vivjordan.com or fill out the client form on the site if you have an inquiry – I’m excited to work with you! Besides my creative pursuits, I am deeply passionate about FOOD! I won’t delve too far into this subject, but let’s just say I’m mildly obsessed with discovering delicious food and I. Will. Work. For. Delicious. Food. And my resume can support that.

Thanks for visiting!

Photos by talented friends Amanda and Heather