I started designing invites a year after creating my own wedding invitations in 2008 and I’ve had what you might call a “steamy love affair” with paper since. Deepest apologies to my husband Jon. Since then, I’ve enjoyed designing invites, but more than that, I love serving people through design and paper. It seems weird making people happy by way of paper, and yet here you and I are, paper obsessed and all! At The Eclectic Press I strive to create a good mix of classic invitations along with the quirky, whimsical and unconventional invites, thus, the “eclectic” name. I’m also known to mix my hand lettering with some of my favorite typefaces to create invitations I hope you’ll love, but maybe not always expect.


I am grateful to be a mom to a social, hilarious, and joy-filled Zoë and wife to my absolute bestie Jon Jordan. My husband and I function in two totally different worlds: I’m in the colorful creative world and he resides in the intellectual theological academic world. And yet somehow we’re both huge goofballs who love to laugh, snuggle, explore Dallas and obsess over our little Z and doughnuts. He supports all my crazy late night creative endeavors and I support his scholarly pursuits and by God’s grace we make a great team. I’m so thankful for him!


My realms of supposed expertise are chalk and stationery, but what makes my job my passion is the people I get to work with. Shoot me an e-mail at hello@vivjordan.com or fill out the client form on the site if you have an inquiry – I’m excited to work with you! Besides my creative pursuits, I am deeply passionate about FOOD! I won’t delve too far into this subject, but let’s just say I’m mildly obsessed with discovering delicious food and I. Will. Work. For. Yummy. Food. And my resume can support that.

Thanks for visiting!

Photos by my talented friends Amanda and Heather